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My home gaming / entertainment / work station 4 photos

I recently moved my desk out into the main area of my berdroom so I could view movies / TV from my bed. The lighting in my room is terrible for photos because it is so dark but you get the idea. I moved the TV further away from me also.

The new and improved desk, or should I say table? 5 photos

So I recently sold my TV and purchased two more matching Dell P2411H 24" monitors. I got rid of my ratty old free desk and purchased a dining room table from From where I sit the only wire I see is my mouse's.

Desk version 3.0 6 photos

So I added two more 19" monitors and some tables. Also I finally updated my sound system it was a bit overdue.

Desk version 4.0 1 photo

So I built a new system and gave my old one to my younger brother. As a result I gave him my two 19" monitors and bought a 8.9" USB monitor. The three 24" dells are the same. I also got a badass framed poster of middle earth to go above the desk.

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